Atlas Network takes pride in its high-energy, high-morale and high-achieving team. We foster an environment where all employees make valued contributions toward achieving our mission. We encourage creative thinking about how to be more cost-effective and impactful as an organization. We promote an office culture that is at once serious but fun, ambitious but humble, idealistic but practical, and full of the camaraderie that comes from advancing a noble cause together.

Current Openings

System Administrator

Atlas Network is looking for an experienced System Administrator. The System Administrator is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, security, and oversight of network infrastructure, endpoint devices, office hardware, and related software systems.

Atlas Network is a non-profit organization founded to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by cultivating a highly effective and expansive network that inspires and incentivizes all committed individuals and organizations to achieve lasting impact.


  • Manage user workstations and endpoint devices (software updates, backup solutions, user permissions, etc.)
  • Manage network infrastructure
  • Manage office hardware (printers, etc.)
  • Manage telephone and conference systems
  • Cloud server management (AWS, Rackspace)
  • Administer G-Suite domain
  • Provide help desk support, troubleshoot user technological concerns and issues
  • Provide user training/security training
  • Develop and maintain IT support tools and procedures, and ensure their documentation
  • Establish and oversee enforcement of usage policies
  • Maintain awareness of evolving security threats and prepare environment for potential breaches
  • Assist with long-term technology decisions


  • Required
    • 3+ years of related experience
    • Familiarity with Windows and MacOs environments
    • Experience working with and configuring a variety of network and server hardware
    • Familiarity with the OSI model
    • Knowledge of cybersecurity best practices
    • Experience with cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Desired
    • Linux administration skills
    • Related credentials a plus (i.e. CCNA, CCNP, Network+)

Respond by email by sending resume and cover letter to and

Recruiters may not apply.

Institute Relations Coordinator

Atlas Network works to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by providing support and training to a network of partners, 480+ independent, pro-liberty organizations, in more than 95 countries throughout the world. Atlas Network’s institute relations department provides the organization timely and accurate information and insights about the work of its partners. The department also actively prospects for allies of free markets and individual freedom around the world, and identifies potential partners on a constant basis. The IR department provide partners and potential partner organizations with personalized consulting and advice related to think tank excellence and facilitates their engagement with Atlas Network’s broad selection of training, networking, grants, and award programs.

The Institute Relation Coordinator works with the Institute Relations team to support Atlas Network’s mission of supporting think tanks promoting free markets and individual liberty in the US and abroad.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prospect, identify, contact, recruit and vet potential allies and think tank partners.
  • Onboard new partners.
  • Maintain a database of prospects and potential partners.
  • Collaborate with training team to provide training opportunities to potential and new partners.
  • Organize site visits to potential and new partners for staff members.
  • Service as a key liaison for responding to outside inquiries.
  • Monitor websites and activities of partners for up-to-date information.
  • Serve as resource for potential and new partners.
  • Manage world events e-calendar.


  • Self-starter, positive, hardworking attitude, well-organized, able to cold call, curious, open-minded about other cultures, committed to free markets and individual liberty, proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Foreign language is a plus, though not necessary.  

Tangible Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health benefits
  • Metro/parking allotment

Intangible Benefits:

  • Develop a diverse and deep knowledge of the fight for liberty all over the world.
  • Get to know brave and inspiring leaders in the world’s most difficult places.
  • Be part of a fast growing and exciting workplace with a team that works tirelessly for the right reasons.

Apply to:  Send a single PDF with resume/cover letter to:

No phone calls please.

Recruiters may not apply.



Summer 2019 Internships

Atlas Network teams with the Charles Koch Institute’s Internship Program serving as a host location for their interns. Please apply to the Charles Koch Institute’s Internship Program and, if accepted, apply through the Koch portal for Atlas Network intern roles with the development, training, communications, and institute relations teams.

Applications are received February – April and accepted on a competitive, basis. The program runs from June 5 to August 7, 2019.

Contact: Kristina Crane with questions at

Fall 2019 Internships

Program dates run: September 4 – December 3, 2019.

Recruiters may not apply.