Belinder has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism from Moi University and a Diploma in Public Relations Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. She believes that free markets, individual liberty, less intrusive governments, property rights, the rule of Law, and constructive political discussions are the only avenues that enable economic, political and social prosperity.

Belinder has worked with other free-market think tanks such as the Language of Liberty Institute (LLI), African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD), and African Students for Liberty, to promote freedom in Africa, through on-campus groups, regional conferences and liberty camps, to make a strong case for limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

She is a contributing writer for the International Federation of Liberal Youth and South Africa’s online commentary, the Rational  Standard on politics, governance and free markets. She is the President of the Young Africans For Opportunities, an organization seeking to break barriers to economic prosperity while empowering entrepreneurs, young professionals and students, through public policy advocacy, capacity building, and research. Belinder is also a co-Programs Director at CEBSAR-AFRICA, an anti-corruption organization working to combat corruption in the African continent, promote transparency in government operations and improve service delivery to the African people.

Recently, Belinder joined the International Federation of Liberal Youth’s Free Trade Programme, an initiative by the International Federation of Liberal Youths that equips IFLRY Member Organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge in free trade advocacy through various events, promotes better public understanding of trade through campaigns, and facilitates a youth dialogue on free trade. The Programme also delivers activities on other economic issues relevant to the youth such as employment and entrepreneurship. In March 2019, Belinder founded BridgeAfrica, an organization that is seeking to promote solution-oriented political discussion in Africa, to address contemporary political, economic and social issues.