Bola-Ige is the Founder/Executive Director of the African Objectivist Movement (AOM) and has over ten years of experience volunteering with several organizations both in Nigeria and abroad. His experiences also include serving as Director, Branding & Success stories at African Students for Liberty, where he focuses on implementing the SFL mission of educating, empowering and promoting next generation of future leaders of liberty through branding and media strategies. He is also a Campus Ambassador for the Foundation for Economic Education.

Bola-Ige is a graduate of Mass Communication and is presently undergoing another degree in Law and legal studies. He is a professional multimedia investigative journalist, media consultant, photographer, public relations practitioner and CEO of Innovative Media Communication, a media consultant firm in Nigeria.

Bola-Ige is one of the young African generations that believe in promoting the idea of liberty, freedom and human rights. He stands at the forefront of emerging African libertarian leaders, teaching and defending classical liberal thoughts through peaceful means.

He is a free-enterprise and free economy pundit, who strongly advocates for limited and constitutional governance especially as it affects the economy of African states. His advocacy frequently gets hits across the media and institutional campuses in Africa.

He organizes educational/leadership programs and teaches economic freedom to students and young professionals interested in pursuing a career in the liberty network or interested in learning both classical liberal ideology and entrepreneurial principles across Africa. He has helped established free society clubs in campuses across the continent. He is motivated by his environment, driven by passion and commitment to a free society where the rule of law and human dignity is paramount.