Bryan Cheang is the Founder and Director of the Adam Smith Center, which is the first and only independent, pro-market think tank based in Singapore. The mission of the Adam Smith Center is to inspire and build a new generation of leaders grounded in the values of free-market humanitarianism, that of individualism, free exchange, rule of law and permissionless innovation, the engines of human progress.

Bryan is also a PhD Candidate in Political Economy at King’s College London, where he also obtained his Masters. His academic interests are in the areas of philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE), specifically in the political economy of development. He is currently working on his thesis comparing state formation and economic strategies in Hong Kong and Singapore as part of their growth experiences, and its impact on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Bryan also previously spent time in the Singapore civil service in the economic policymaking agency working on human capital solutions for small businesses. He has also published articles on local platforms like Channel Newsasia and Singapore Business Review, as well as overseas ones like CAPx and Foundation for Economic Education.