Economist and noted entrepreneur in impact investing. Successfully pioneered catalytic policies for robust economic growth in over 30 countries. As Chief Economic Advisor and Member of Parliament advised three Greek prime ministers on the sovereign debt crisis. Designed and applied innovative policy reforms that improved the lives of over 15 million people by integrating previously informal or marginalized segments of society into the formal economy. Created a global network of experts to help national leaders worldwide cope with economic challenges. Managed operational budgets on multinational levels reporting to shareholders as a CEO or Board member. Received best-practice and innovation awards from the World Bank and the U.S. Government. Selected by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs as the Personality of the Future.

Innovative thinking and the commitment to deliver results, mark her entire career. For Elena, change is based on a 360-degree pursuit that creates new spaces of entrepreneurial endeavor. She has lived and worked in a large variety of countries, developed and developing, with the highest levels of decision-makers. She is characterized by flexibility and extraordinary adaptability to understanding new cultures and working with them. She is sought for her strategy skills and negotiation ability that allow the understanding and smooth opening of new markets and policies. She is looking to join public and private boards of directors.

Elena is an influential speaker and analyst. She appears frequently on international media to offer her point of view and prognosis on the current global and local economic trends and issues in financial markets such as: how the crisis could affect inflection trends globally and in individual countries, as well as analysis on the effects of the debt levels to growth, investment, and growth expectations. She is regularly being interviewed and quoted on issues about the US economy, EU, and Greece.

She speaks English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian with basic knowledge of German.