Eline van den Broek-Altenburg is the founder of Quid Novi Foundation (2005: European Independent Institute). Since graduating in Political Science from the University of Leiden in 2003, Eline has focused her attention on health policy and health care reform. She has been a fellow at several think tanks, she has been a policy advisor in the Dutch and European Parliaments, and she has been an independent journalist, all with attention to this topic. 

In 2012, Eline moved to the United States to move beyond practical policy experience to gain a stronger academic grounding in a research program at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. In 2014, Eline enrolled the doctoral program in Health Services Research at UC Denver (CO). As the director of Quid Novi Foundation, Eline has contributed to many websites, published many op-eds in (inter)national newspapers and magazines, and is frequently seen and heard in the media. She recently started up a U.S. branch of Quid Novi, focusing on transatlantic policy issues.