Hunter Hastings is an advocate for liberty, individual economic freedom, and individual entrepreneurship, one of liberty’’s most valuable and energetic expressions. In Hunter’s more than four decades of business experience, he has held the roles of chief marketing officer in consumer goods, CEO in the marketing automation software space, and founder-CEO of a global marketing consultancy. He then turned to venture capital as managing partner of a seed stage VC, and he mentors founders in his fund, as well as in the start-up incubator at UC Irvine, and The Door Foundation, a private enterprise provider of transition services for Navy Seals and Special Ops personnel. He is an Ambassador for the Mises Institute, and holds bachelor's and masters degree's degrees in economics from Cambridge University.

After completing Atlas Network's ALA courses, Hunter founded the Center For Individualism in San Diego to help develop a pervasive culture of entrepreneurship. Activities include educational content, original research, and a mentorship, experience, and service exchange for entrepreneurs.