Isack Danford is a recent graduate of the University of Dodoma in Tanzania, where he received a BA in international relations.

After nearly two decades of Socialist era in Tanzania (1967-1985), Isack had been exposed to the post-socialist free market society. He joined the liberty movement following a conference by Students and Young Professional Liberty Academy (SYPALA) in August 2010 and founded the African Liberty Students Organization-University of Dodoma Chapter. Through his college career he has run seminars, created pro-liberty students forums, and has become involved in the global movement for liberty. Isack is a former charter team leader for Students For Liberty in Tanzania. Currently he is an executive board member for African Students For Liberty. Isack has also founded a local free market think tank called Uhuru-Tanzania which conducts liberty themed outreach to university students and research on socio-economic problems facing Tanzanians.