John C. Mozena puts almost two decades of private-sector journalism, marketing and communications experience to work in the service of economic development policy reform as the president of the Center for Economic Accountability. Under his leadership, the CEA works to increase accountability and transparency in the “toxic intersection of big business and big government” that drives $70 billion in wealth transfer from state and local governments to private businesses across the United States each year. He co-founded the organization in 2018 after identifying the need for a single-issue free-market organization dedicated to the topic that could help convene a coalition of unlikely allies on the topic from across the sociopolitical spectrum.

Before launching the CEA, Mozena was the vice president for marketing and communications at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan’s groundbreaking free-market think tank. During his time there leading its marketing and communications team, the Mackinac Center played a critical role in advancing liberty and opportunity through victories such as the nation’s most comprehensive public-sector pension reforms; a landmark deregulatory transportation service provider law that allowed ridesharing services to spread statewide; protection of educational choice in Detroit against politicized local government control and elimination of bonding requirements for victims of civil asset forfeiture.