Lola Amelia is the program manager at the Indonesian Institute. Amelia got her bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Padjadjaran University. Her fields of expertise are urban and rural poverty, gender issues, and migrant worker issues. Amelia is experienced in facilitating youth capacity building. She also has experiences as research and development staff at the Urban Poor Consortium where she was involved in several research on urban poor issues. Lola also has experience with the International Cath­olic Migration Commission (ICMC) Makassar, Bappenas, UNDP, Institute for Ecosoc Rights, World Vision Indonesia (WVI), and Oxfam GB. Her writings can be found in the regular publication of The Indonesian Institute such as weekly issue (Wacana), monthly (Update Indonesia) and yearly (Report Indonesia). Her writings on several social issues have also been published in several national media outlets including The Jakarta Post and Koran Jakarta.