Mercedes Colombres joined Libertad y Progreso in Argentina in March 2014, to be the head of comunication office, after nine years working as a journalist and consultant in comunication for the Parliament. From 2004 to 2012, she worked as a full-time journalist in La Nacion Journal (the second-largest journal in Argentina), covering topics like the intervention of the government in beef and grains production. After that, she worked for two years in Argentinian Parliament serving as a consultant of opposition MPs during the Kirchners government (2003-2015). She also was an advisor for communication matters for agricultural busisness chambers and companies, such as Argentinian Angus Breeders Association, Argentinian Hereford Association, Argentinian Limousin Breed Association, Argentinian Wheat Producers Association, the multinational Agroceres, and the growers group CREA. As a journalist, she was awarded with the ADEPA (Journals Association of Argentina) prize in 2006 and the Banco Galicia Prize in 2005. She stills works as a radio and TV journalist, covering agricultural business affairs. She received a master's degree in journalism from Universidad Torcutato Di Tella in 2004, and has a bachelor's degree in communication in Catholic University of Tucuman.