Mikołaj Pisarski is currently president of KoLiber Cracov, the largest branch of countrywide KoLiber Association. Prior to his appointment as branch president, he was involved in managing and developing “Economic Lessons for the Youth,” a project aimed at introducing Austrian Economics to high school youth across Poland. For teaching economics to over 3,000 youth, he was recognized and awarded twice by Mises Institute, Poland, and KoLiber Association. In 2016, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin appointed him the youngest member of law transparency and deregulation advisory group. As of September 2016 he is also a permanent associate of Wroclaw-based Mises Institute in Poland. Declared libertarian and enthusiast of grassroots movements, he also engages in charity works serving as audit committee member in Let's Repaint Poland! Foundation, restoring flats and homes of liberty champions left behind by Polish state.