Muoki Musila is a young Kenya with a keen interest in leadership and progressive Politics. Musila holds a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and mathematics with IT from Maseno University in Kenya having graduated in 2017. He holds strong beliefs in liberal ideas as a political philosophy. He believes in the power of contemporary media as a mode of agitating for social, political and economic change. 

Musila has worked with Students for liberty as a volunteer for over four years. During his spell at   Students for Liberty, he has served as the social media, communication and marketing director at Kenya students for liberty in 2017-2018 Financial year. Currently, he is the social media and marketing director at Africa Students for Liberty as well as African Programs Intern. He is also a writing fellow at African Liberty specializing in governance, drug policies and economics.

He is the Founder of Backstreet vibe, an organization agitating for sensible drug policies in Kenya. He sees himself as the president of Kenya in the coming days.