Kwofie is a professionally trained teacher from the Presbyterian college of Education, a college founded in 1848 in the eastern part of Ghana by the British during the colonization. He is a graduate from the University of Education Winneba, with a Bachelor's of Education. Kwofie taught in the public schools for four years and later took the risk and opted out to be an entrepreneur. In October 2012, he started BISMANN REMEDIAL COLLEGE in Tema to assist high school graduates who could not pass their mathematics and science examinations. Kwofie says the public school system is static with no innovation and does not have a proper way assisting such students. He has employed over 30 people to date. He also served as the academic head of Smart View International School.

Kwofies was the HIV/AIDS coordinator from 2009-2012 when he was in the public school and is now currently the marketing manager of Builders of Today Associates (BOTAGHANA), a renewable energy company. From the experience gathered over the years, he has lectured entrepreneurship on a number of youth conference platforms. He is currently lecturing about entrepreneurship at the Harbour City Radio College and is also a visiting lecturer at the Builders of Today Professional College in Tema. Kwofie is a co-founder of Tema Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) and is the executive director and president of the INSTITUTE FOR LIBERTY AND POLICY INNOVATION (ILAPI-GHANA).