Peter Yakobe holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. When he was at university, Peter was introduced to the Students For Liberty (SFL) movement by Mr. Japheth Omojuwa and joined SFL as a charter team leader. After graduating in June 2013, Peter decided to spend his life advancing the ideas of liberty. He has been instrumental in establishing the SFL movement in Malawi despite political challenges. He has established five student organizations in five different universities in the country. In April this year, Peter was also appointed to serve on the SFL African Executive Board. Apart from serving SFL, Peter has also worked with different organizations, including Africycle Malawi Ltd (a Canadian organization) as a shop manager, as project officer, a consultation manager and as an assistant to the country director. While studying in Uganda, Peter worked with Great Lakes College as a project officer as well. As a student, Peter worked as a chairperson of the university media team and finance manager of the university football club. In the summer of 2014, Peter launched his think tank the Center for Free Market Enterprise.