Rofi Uddarojat joined Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) in 2015 and serves as a researcher after working at Freedom Institute in 2011-2014. His focus area includes international labour migration and alcohol policy in Indonesia. He manages to conduct research project on migrant workers' recruitment reform, impact of migration, and consequences of alcohol prohibition, including representing CIPS in the meetings with Indonesian parliamentarian and government executives.

Uddarojat is also a co-founder and a managing editor of Indonesian Freedom Voice "" and has conducted youth promotion and engagement of libertarian ideas. His work in developing youth activism and freedom movement in Indonesia started in 2011, when he was in charge of the "Akademi Merdeka" (Freedom Academy) initiative which was supported by Atlas Network. Now he is helping Indonesian Students for Liberty to expand universities across the country.

He received his bachelor's degree in International Relations from Paramadina University, Jakarta.