Saša Mirković is currently finishing his second master studies in social sciences and computing. As for the first MA and BA, he has both of them from the department for sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Joining the liberty movement, in Saša’s case, is strongly connected to the experience he had during his studies. Although both of his parents are economists, the main factor that pushed him towards creating a libertarian organization was the aggressive leftist atmosphere in the department for sociology at his university. After many verbal clashes with different leftist organizations Saša’s friend and colleague, currently working with him at the Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies (CAAS), suggested in 2012 that they create a student organization for promoting the values and ideas of classical liberalism. They became a part of the European Students for Liberty network, and their organization carried the name Studenti za slobodu - Filozofski fakultet (SZS). CAAS is a continuation of their efforts in spreading the ideas and values since they left the leadership and development of SZS to the new generations of students. After receiving his BA degree, Saša also became Graduate Teaching Assistant, teaching Electoral Sociology to students of the finishing year. From 2011 till 2016, during summer vacations, he has been working on a train that drives from Villach (Austria) to Edirne (Turkey). He started as a barman and manual worker and went on to become train manager.