Zoltan Kesz is the cofounder of the Free Market Foundation in Hungary, which has recently run a serious anti-racist campaign to combat the rising anti-Semitic tendencies in the country. The FMF has also established the Civil Platform, which is campaigning to encourage Hungarians to practice their freedom to vote during the next general election. This year the Free Market Foundation has also set up the Eötvös József Club, which is going to be part of the Students for Liberty network. Zoltan was the first graduate of the Atlas Leadership Academy in 2012 and in September, 2012, Zoltan received the Pannonius Fellowship from Common Sense Society, a free market think tank operating in the US and Hungary. He was given the title of Asia Entrepreneur of the Year in February, 2013 due to his common project of the Free Market Foundation and Political Capital. In the 90's Zoltan studied in the United States and later taught American History at a California high school as a Fulbright scholar. He has written several course-books for those who study English and he is the director of the American Corner in his hometown Veszprem.