Understanding the underlying philosophy that guides the work we do and honing your skills in the various functions of a think tank are both crucial to your professional success, and the long term efficacy of your organization.  Additionally, investing in yourself and sharpening your skills as a leader will pay dividends for you and your organization, short and long-term. 

Our movement is only as strong as the people who work in it, and so the Leadership Certifications are designed to help you identify opportunities for growth, fuel the curiosity that is a hallmark of a trusted and effective leader, and provide you with the skills and frameworks needed to think strategically about your organization. 

There are two certifications for Leadership,  the first is open for anyone to enroll in and complete. The second is a Master’s Certification and is invitation-to-apply only, where and the Atlas Network Academy team will reach out to eligible applicants based on these criteria:

  • Work for Atlas Network partner organizations or who work for organizations that have expressed interest in becoming an Atlas Network partner, and ;
  • Are aligned with our vision of a free, prosperous, and peaceful world where the principles of individual liberty, property rights, limited government, and free markets are secured by the rule of law.

How do I earn the Leadership Certification?

  • Leadership Fundamentals -- Coming Soon in 2021!
    • Online, automated course - 2 hours
  • Leadership Theory & Practice -- Coming Soon in 2021!
    • Online, instructor led course - 4 week course
  • Completion of 5 webinars in the Leadership track
    • 30 minutes each

How do I earn the Leadership Master's Certification?

  • Completion of one of the following programs:
    • Leader Lab
    • Executive Accelerator