One of the keys to success is a thorough understanding of the basics. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, you’ve got a solid foundation to build on. The Think Tank Foundations Certification was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of think tanks in society in shifting the Overton Window. This program also provides strategies and frameworks that you can implement in your work to hone the focus of your organization and achieve greater public policy impact. 

As our movement grows and becomes more visible, having a shared understanding of these foundational principles will help us be more ambitious and effective in our work. 

How do I earn this certification?

  • Think Tank Fundamentals (formerly known as Think Tanks Basics)
    • Online, automated course - 2 hours 
  • Think Tank Theory & Practice
    • Online, instructor led course - 4 week course
  • Completion of 5 webinars in the Foundations track
    • 30 min. each
  • Think Tank 360 -- Coming soon in 2021!
    • In person program - 2 days

What you will learn?

  • The role of think tanks in society
  • The concept of the Overton Window and the role of Think Tanks in shifting that
  • The relationship between Vision and Mission Statements and North Stars to direct your organization or team’s strategy
  • How to identify your organization’s internal & external stakeholders
  • How to measure the impact of your work through outputs & outcomes
  • How the model of your organization drives your work
  • How to develop a strategic plan for your organization or team 

Who is this certification designed for? 

  • Individuals in the early stages of launching a think tank
  • Groups in their first few years of launching a think tank
  • Those seeking to revitalize and renew an organization
  • New employees at established organizations