Are you passionate about spreading the ideas of liberty? Are you seeking to strengthen your organization's existing fundraising efforts to increase your reach and impact? Do you have some fundraising experience, but are looking to further hone and develop your own skills? If so, then this Intermediate Development Training is the right course for you.

Atlas Network is proud to work with 19 free market think tanks throughout Africa and in this intermediate fundraising track you will have the chance to learn best practices from successful organizations from across the continent. We've designed this training to help participants deepen their understanding of an entrepreneurial approach to fundraising, and to strengthen their capacities in writing a winning proposal and delivering an effective donor pitch.

This training is desgined for upper-level, experienced development staff. 

You will walk away from this training with: 
  • Concrete ideas that you can initiate in your organization
  • Customized feedback for an upcoming proposal
  • A well-honed donor pitch for an upcoming project of your organization.
This training is invitation-only, there is no application.