Your brand. Your story. Your films.

The Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop is a highly interactive storytelling, messaging, and video production workshop held in partnership with Taliesin Nexus.

It will offer you unique opportunities to refine your brand, craft better stories, and develop inspiring films.

During the workshop you’ll have the chance to network and collaborate with members of Hollywood’s film industry and marketing industry leaders.

You will join other senior leaders of the worldwide freedom movement to get some theory refreshers, inspirational examples, and a whole lot of hands-on time developing your next impactful storytelling project!

You'll leave this workshop with

  • A transformational experience on messaging for your work
  • A video project refined by industry professionals
  • Communications strategies for that project
  • A distribution plan for your video
  • And a whole new way to tell your organization’s story
Deadline to register: February 15, 2019

WHEN: Thursday--Sunday, March 21-24, 2019

WHERE: Westdrift Manhattan Beach, 1400 Parkview Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

Atlas Network has a discounted room rate of $169 (plus taxes and fees.) Please contact Vale Sloane at 202-449-8446 by Friday, February 22, 2019 to reserve your room.


  • Senior executives
  • Vice presidents and directors marketing and communications
  • Senior or mid-level fundraisers
  • Senior level policy researchers
  • Creative directors
  • Past Attendees are encouraged to reapply!

REGISTRATION AND COST: Register at by January 15, 2018 to get the discounted registration price of $425. After this date, registration will increase to $650. The fee includes programmatic costs, outings, and meals. Participants are responsible for travel to and from Los Angeles and the cost of their hotel.

Deadline to register: February 15, 2019

To avoid the online processing fee, you may also send checks to:
Atlas Network
Two Liberty Center
4075 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 310
Arlington, VA 22203.
Please include a note detailing that the payment is for Lights, Camera, Liberty

*Organizations accepted into the year-long Lights, Camera, Liberty! grants and training program receive complimentary registration and shared accommodations in a double occupancy room to this workshop for up to two participants. 
Note that Atlas Network reserves the right to deny admittance to any registrants.


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"The value of storytelling needs to be owned and championed by the CEO if it’s to be embedded in an organizational culture. This course has reminded me that our success — our impact on people’s lives — is tied to our storytelling. Just as importantly, it’s given us tools that will make storytelling a habit, not just an idea."

- Randy Hicks, President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Center for Opportunity 
View the full testimonial here

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"At FREOPP, a core part of our strategy is to find ideas that are broadly appealing to rising generations—to skate to where the puck is going—by combining traditionally progressive goals like social mobility with traditionally conservative ones like economic liberty. If you want to expand the reach of your ideas to people who don’t already agree with you, storytelling is key. The Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop has given us a framework for bringing policy ideas to life through storytelling, and needed hands-on experience in film production.”

- Avik Roy, President, Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity 
View the full testimonial here

Additional Testimonials 
Anthea Haryoko - Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
Don Wilson - Institute for Justice
Gideon Rozner - Institute for Public Affairs
Hannah Cox - Beacon Center of Tennesee (former)
Joanna Baron - Runnymede Society 

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