Atlas Network Partners  (3 credits, FREE)

The program is now Invitation Only basis.

Spend four weeks in Ballston, Virginia with Atlas Network!

Atlas Network has launched a fellowship program for its partners to visit Virginia. To check whether your think tank is an Atlas Network partner, please visit this link.

This fellowship will provide the fellows from qualified partner think tanks the opportunity to spend quality time with Atlas Network staff, meet and connect with other D.C. think tank professionals and scholars and attend lectures, seminars and trainings at partner organisations based in and outside of Washington, D.C. In addition, the fellowship is a tailor made Atlas Leadership Academy course that will help fellows to develop strategic, marketing, and fundraising plans as well as research skills.

During this four week program, fellows network with U.S. based think tanks, attend policy lectures, and participate in Atlas Leadership Academy trainings, webinars and have expansive one-on-one sessions with Atlas Network staff.  

The fellows will be expected to spend a certain amount of time each week completing work for their home think tank while participating at least ten (10) hours in a week with fellowship related trainings.

Who will benefit from this fellowship?
  • Think tank leaders at new or established Atlas Network partners
  • ​Top or middle level managers at new or established Atlas Network partners
What you’ll learn:
  • Individualized advice and plans addressing the issues facing your organization
  • ​How leaders in the free market network succeed
  • Insight into how other think tanks operate
  • Best practices amongst free market think tanks
  You’ll leave this fellowship with:
  • A strengthened relationship with D.C.-based organizations and thinkers
  • An improved understanding of your role and vision for growth
  • Accomplishment of your own goals set at the beginning of the fellowship
  • A set of actionable plans that will help you grow your organization
  What does Atlas Network offer:
  • We cover all airfare expenses
  • ​Housing: We provide a specific stipend to cover housing cost for the period of the fellowship
  • A $3,000 grant that is paid upon the fellow’s arrival to his/her organization
  • We work together with each fellow to create a tailor made curriculum with reading materials, presentations, meetings, and networking opportunities
Eligibility criteria for this fellowship:
  • Must be an Atlas Network partner
  • Minimum course credit history: 4 credits or more
  • Proven track record with Atlas Leadership Academy and/or
  • ​Has completed Think Tank Navigator or has attended an Atlas Network Leadership Academy in-person training or has completed Think Tank Impact online course