Think Tank Basics is a brand new, fully-automated, two hour course that covers the fundamental principles and concepts that you need to understand before diving into the day-to-day work of a think tank. Each lesson is comprised of readings, presentations, and videos.

The course will help you better understand what the role of think tanks is in society, what the role of your organization can play, and how your organization can best work with Atlas Network.

Who will benefit from this course?
  • Individuals in the early stages of launching a think tank
  • Groups in their first few years of launching a think tank
  • Those seeking to revitalize a stagnant organization
  • New employees at established organizations
What you'll learn
  • The important role of think tanks in society
  • The concept of the Overton Window and the role think tanks play in moving that window
  • The difference between mission and vision statements
  • The principles that guide the work we do at Atlas Network
Think Tank Basics is a prerequisite requirement for our additional online and in-person training opportunities.