Think Tank Navigator is a free five-week online course that provides the information you need to start or improve a free-market think tank. Each lesson is available in pdf format and includes practical exercises designed to put your new skills to work in a productive way — moving you closer to your goal of establishing or revitalizing a successful think tank or project.

To get the most out of Think Tank Navigator, we recommend that you first complete the Think Tank Basics. You can enroll in Think Tank Basics here. Think Tank Basics is also a pre-requisite for many other in-person training opportunities. 


Who will benefit from this course?

  • Individuals in the early stages of launching a think tank
  • Groups in their first few years of launching a think tank
  • Those seeking to revitalize a stagnant organization
  • New employees at established organizations

What you’ll learn:

  • The important role think tanks play in society
  • The different think tank models used to achieve the greatest change in society
  • The basics of drafting a strategic plan for your organization
  • How to establish a track record in order to attract others to your work
  • Essentials for fundraising successfully

You’ll leave this training with:

  • A draft business plan ready to be expanded and shared with supporters
  • A basic fundraising proposal that Atlas Network will consider funding
  • A video introducing your think tank to the global Atlas Network

Organizations requesting grants from Atlas Network are expected to complete this course. Additionally, it is a prerequisite for attending LeaderLab and Executive Accelerator. Individuals who complete the course are also more likely to be accepted into Regional Trainings. Those who have successfully completed this course will receive 3 credits within Atlas Leadership Academy and will be considered for project grants from Atlas Network. Courses are available in both English and Spanish on a quarterly basis. Each module should take two hours each week to complete.



“Drafting a business plan made me realize how valuable a document it would be for our organization. I didn't really think of us as "missing" anything, but I think that this will be a big help. I'm drafting a business plan to present to our Board of Directors.”

—Janet Neilson, Institute for Liberal Studies

“Thanks to Think Tank Navigator, I am certainly more aware of the different roles a think tank has. This I will apply in our current practice to position ourselves correctly in the market of ideas.”

—Edo Omercevic, Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise