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This webinar originally aired on October 4th, 2018

Do you have great project ideas but need more funding to implement them? Even if your organization already has a strong development program, odds are, there is room to expand your efforts and grow your donor base. Nat Ward will be answering that question in the next webinar from the Atlas Leadership Academy. Distilling more than a decade of lessons learned at The Heritage Foundation; Nat will teach you how to start and grow your online fundraising efforts, current and future.

If you want to start improving your online fundraising, join Nat Ward on Thursday, October 4th from 10-10:30 AM (EST) as he discusses some proven strategies for successful online fundraising campaigns that he's learned over the years. You'll walk away from this session with new techniques to help grow your online fundraising programs.

About the presenter:
Nathaniel Ward was responsible for driving fundraising growth at The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America through aggressive experimentation and testing. A frequent speaker on online fundraising and optimization, he spent a decade growing Heritage’s online fundraising program more than 30-fold.