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This webinar originally aired on January 31st, 2019

Groups across the global freedom movement are working on ambitious and inspiring projects, but in order to create real, lasting change we can’t do it alone.

Building a coalition of like-minded, fellow champions of liberty can help amplify your message, but in order to reach new audiences who may be unfamiliar with these ideas, we need to branch out. Sometimes we need to step outside of your usual peer group to seek out unlikely allies with similar goals to help reach new audiences and push your reforms forward.

On Thursday, January 31 at 10 AM (EST) join Daniel Dew of the Buckeye Institute as he talks about Building Coalitions with Unlike Allies and the sweeping criminal justice reform that they were able to achieve in Ohio as a result of their coalition building efforts with groups outside of the traditional liberty movement. We'll be talking to Daniel about the Buckeye Institute's success, how their coalition work led to that change, and how you can do the same! 

About the presenter: 

Daniel J. Dew is the legal fellow at The Buckeye Institute’s Legal Center. In this capacity, Dew focuses on legal policies that promote freedom and the public good.

An expert on criminal justice reform, Dew has worked on policies that increase Ohioans’ safety, makes the criminal justice system fairer, and saves taxpayer dollars. Dew was a leading voice in reforming Ohio’s civil asset forfeiture policies and worked closely with Ohio’s Criminal Justice Recodification Committee on developing proposals to reform the state’s criminal code.

Dew currently serves on the Ohio Justice Reinvestment Initiative Ad Hoc Committee, which brings together legislators, judges, prosecutors, prison officials, defense lawyers, and criminal justice experts to find ways Ohio can safely reduce its prison population. Dew also chairs the Ohio State Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Committee.

Prior to his position at Buckeye, Dew was a visiting legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and an associate attorney at Ford, Gold, Kovoor & Simon. He also represented energy companies in contract negotiations.

Dew earned his law degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law, and his undergraduate degree from Utah State University.

Outside of work, Dew enjoys golf, Cleveland sports, and spending time with his family.