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This webinar originally aired on May 18th, 2017

Films are increasingly useful tools for changing people's opinions. One of the most important skills required for successful film-making is post-production. How to make your organization’s media product, be it a campaign video or a documentary, on par with standard Hollywood level production? How to catch up with the rest of the entertainment and creative industries? How to make film-making as an effective tool in achieving your organizational success? Join Hawk Jensen, Thursday May 18, founder of Smock Media and an experienced producer with Disney, Warner Brothers and ReasonTV to learn about the theory and practice of post movie production and how to be a mindful editor. 

Hawk began his career on commercial sets and high end Hollywood productions with Disney and Warner Brothers.  He then ventured into television writing and sold a one-hour dramatic pilot and won a DGA and WGA writing competition award for a 30-minute comedy pilot.  Seeking more meaningful opportunities, Hawk joined ReasonTV as an award-winning documentary producer, director and journalist, making dozens of films advancing freedom and human rights.  Since leaving Reason, Hawk has produced and directed projects all over the world.  In 2012, he finished his first feature film documentary “Honor Flight” as co-producer and lead editor.   He founded Smock Media that same year and is currently working with Moving Picture Institute (MPI) and Victims of Communism foundation (VOC) to tell the stories of individuals that resist oppression.