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This webinar originally aired on May 26th, 2016

In 2015 the Atlas Network challenged 15 think tanks to take on a brave task; develop policy reforms that will increase your countries' ranking in a key index, in three years. Now in year two of this project, think tanks are beginning to show the impact of their efforts, and we'd like to share some of their success stories with you, in order to inspire your think tank to do great things, and to learn from successful policy reforms.

Atlas Network partner Contribuyentes por Respeto is working to improve the public infrastructure gap in Peru by lowering administrative requirements and bureaucracy costs as reported in the Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World Report. Their project is called Infraestructura para Todos, IPT (Infrastructure for All in English).

The specific objectives of IPT are:

- Help enhancing the institutional framework of Public Private Partnerships
· Promote best practices on the implementation of public policies
· Counterbalance special interest groups opposition
· Increase economic growth and poverty reduction

To  achieve their goals they have set up a broad coalition of non profits, corporations and other members of civil society under the project Infraestructura para Todos banner. This coalition has provided the volume, bandwidth and pressure needed to make progress toward achieving these goals. 

In this webinar Contribuyentes por Respeto Chairman, Fernando Caceres, will outline what he has learned about establishing and cultivating a successful coalition. From identifying important parties, to activating the network, this webinar will highlight best practices for mobilizing a wide group around your project goal.