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This webinar originally aired on July 7th, 2016

Too many think tanks struggle with translating policy ideas into substantive change. Others are challenged to defend their work to policy makers and potential funders by describing the difference that the organization makes.

Dan Duncan, Senior Consultant with Clear Impact (, has extensive experience working with organizations on Results-Based Accountability (RBA), Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), and Collective Impact, helping them achieve significant and measurable impact. In this webinar, he will describe a framework for identifying clear and measurable results, determining how to measure performance and population impacts, and leveraging this information in your research, advocacy, and communication efforts to achieve the results you seek.

As Clear Impact founder Mark Friedman's book title says, "Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough." This webinar will focus on think tank operations, processes, and measurement tools to increase your probability for success.

In his current role, Dan brings a wealth of Results Based Accountability (RBA), Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), and Collective Impact experience to RLG clients across the country. He uses this extensive experience to help clients and communities achieve even greater community-level results. Dan Duncan also has extensive professional management experience in the nonprofit, educational, and for-profit professional service sectors. He has used this experience to provide training and consultation both nationally and internationally to help communities, nonprofits and governmental organizations enhance their community impact through the use of the principles of ABCD and RBA. Most recently, Dan served as the Owner/ Lead Consultant of H. Daniels Duncan Consulting, where he provided national and international consulting, training, and public speaking on ABCD, RBA, Collective Impact, strategic planning, nonprofit management, board governance, fundraising, and outcomes measurement. He has authored several publications.