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In the nonprofit world, a governing board or an advising board is a key part of any organization. How should you go about putting together your board of directors? Join us on Thursday, June 11 as Lawson Bader, CEO of DonorsTrust and Atlas Network board member talks to us about what a successful board looks like. Lawson will cover topics such as institutional culture, the relationship between the board chairman and CEO/President, the financial expectations you should have of your board, and the how the "big picture" of your organization should drive your board.

About the Presenter:

Since 2015, Lawson Bader serves as president and CEO of DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund. Before coming to DonorsTrust, he amassed twenty years’ experience leading free-market research and advocacy groups including the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He began his career in DC in as special assistant at the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, then worked as a legislative analyst/paralegal with Pierson, Semmes & Finley, and managed government relations at SRI International. He is a former weekly columnist with Human Events, and a current contributor to Kiplinger and member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council. He also serves on the governing boards of the Atlas Network, State Policy Network, and Oakseed Ministries International. Lawson earned a BA in political science from Wheaton College (IL) and an MA in public policy from The Johns Hopkins University.