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This webinar originally aired on August 9th, 2018

Join Atlas Network's Matt Warner (Chief Operating Officer), Casey Pifer (Associate Director - Institute Relations) and Vale Sloane (Manager - Institute Relations) to learn more about our JUMP and LEAP grant opportunities.

JUMP Grants (Joining Up to Minimize Poverty) are a new opportunity designed to support the locally grown research and advocacy agendas of Atlas Network partner organizations working to strengthen the institutions that foster growth for the world’s poor.
Successful grant applications will:
  • Exhibit a strong respect for the dignity and autonomy of those living in poverty as a cornerstone of development strategies;
  • Present cost-effective approaches to remove barriers to enterprise;
  • Incorporate provisions for the development and implementation of enterprise-liberating policy reforms from a broad-based coalition of local civil society groups.
LEAP Grants (Liberating Enterprise to Advance Prosperity) support think tanks with ambitious but achievable plans to improve the public policy and regulatory environment in their countries. There is no specific reform or issue area required for a successful application. We encourage applicants to consider the theme "enterprise and entrepreneurship" and to identify viable and worthwhile reforms that represent local priorities and a local vision for change.

This webinar will:
  • Explore the aims and objectives of these grants.
  • Identify the features of strong, competitive grant applications for those applying to these opportunities.
  • Outline the steps to apply for these grants.

About the presenters: 
Matt Warner is the chief operating officer at Atlas Network and works closely with the institute relations team in the grant-making process. Prior to joining our team, he served in several policy and leadership positions at free-market organizations including the James Madison Institute in Florida and the American Legislative Exchange Council in Washington, D.C. His work has been published in the Cato Journal, the Washington Times,, Budget & Tax News, as well as many daily and weekly newspapers throughout the United States. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida State University and a master’s degree in economics from George Mason University.

Casey Pifer is the Institute Relations and Programs Manager at Atlas Network. She joined the Atlas Network team as an intern in 2014, transitioned into the Development and Events Associate and now serves as the Institute Relations and Programs Manager. She grew up in West Virginia and graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science. During college, she tutored students in economics, helped manage a catering company and was active in Students for Liberty. Before graduation, she spent a summer as a Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow working with the policy team at Citizens Against Government Waste. Casey loves playing ultimate frisbee, reading and talking with people about freedom.

Vale Sloane started at Atlas Network in 2016 as the Institute Relations and Programs Manager. He participated in the Charles Koch Institute's Koch Associate Program in 2016-2017. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Vale attended the University of Sydney where he received his bachelor's of international and global studies (2013) and bachelor's of laws (2015). He worked in Australian politics throughout college and after graduation, including on local and national election campaigns between 2009-2015. Vale has also worked in the private sector as Business Development Manager at an eLearning company prior to joining Atlas Network. He lives in Arlington, Va., and enjoys reading, traveling, and watching Netflix.