ALA students can earn a maximum of five credits through webinars, though students are welcome to view as many as they choose.

This webinar originally aired on September 8th, 2016

An idea comes to mind and an entrepreneur gets to work making his or her dream a reality. But what does it take to start and grow a free-market think tank? How long does it take? How do you achieve your first fundraising success? How do you start building a track record?

As a part of our Interview With A Founder webinar series, we're sitting down with think tank founders and learning what those first few years at the helm of their organizations looked like. In hopes of providing the perspective of intellectual entrepreneurs from around the globe, we will interview leaders from think tanks ranging from a few months in existence to more established organizations that have made it past the turbulent first few years.

This webinar series will provide honest insights into the lives of both new and established think tank founders. You will have the chance to join the discussion about how best to achieve impact, reach sustainability, and start achieving your mission.

Coming up on Sept. 8, we'll talk with Libertarian Club Libek's Milos Nikolic (President) and Petar Čekerevac (Executive Manager). Libertarian Club Libek started as a small group in 2008 and has rapidly grown to be known in Serbia and the surrounding region as the benchmark organization for ​​individual freedom and personal responsibility. The organization’s mission is based on three core components: education for freedom, public advocacy for lower taxation, and economic and social research. To this end, Milos and Petar have worked tirelessly to organize events ranging from the Academy of Liberal Policy to interviews with some of Europe’s most important thought leaders and policy makers. Both Milos and Petar are alumni of Atlas Leadership Academy and will use this webinar to give you a behind-the-scenes look at their success.