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This webinar originally aired on June 9th, 2016

 Free market think tanks are conceived nearly every day. An idea comes to mind, and an entrepreneur gets to work making that dream a reality. But what does it really take to start and grow a free market think tank? How long does it take? How do you earn those first dollars? How do you start building a track record?

In this series we'll sit down with think tank founders and learn what those first few years really look like. We'll interview think tank entrepreneurs from think tanks ranging from just a few months, to several years and across the globe to get their perspective on what it took to run their think tank.

This webinar series will provide honest insight into the life of a think tank founder, and new founders as well as established think tank leaders will have the chance to join the discussion about how best to achieve impact, reach sustainability and start achieving your mission.

In June, we'll talk with Rainer Heufers, founder of the one year old, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) based in Jakarata, Indonesia. Many will know Rainer as a private consultant and ALA Fellow, who has taught hundreds of think tanks through the Think Tank MBA program for nine years. After work with the Friedrich Naumann foundation, and founding his own consulting firm (Siap Solutions) he decided to found a policy oriented think tank in Indonesia. During this interview he'll talk about the highlights, the challenges and the adventure of launching a think tank in Asia.