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This webinar originally aired on March 15th, 2018

Are you underutilizing a potentially powerful development tool? Direct mail may not be glamorous, but it does represent one of your best ways to open fundraising doors and to reach out to new audiences. Direct mail is also a great way to create a sustainable donation funding stream for your organization. Join us for a 30-minute conversation with Kate and Alexandre Pesey as they share some key learnings from their recent success in using direct mail to improve their development efforts and to broaden their donor base.

About the Presenters:
In 2004, Kate, an American, and Alexandre Pesey, a Frenchman, created the Institut de Formation Politique, a training institute for young conservatives and libertarians. Only privately funded from individuals living in France, they raised 75 percent of their million dollar budget through direct mail. They are also raising 5 children in the suburbs of Paris.