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This webinar originally aired on February 16th, 2017

Institutional research with advocacy capacities goes hand-in-hand in driving policy reforms. In 2015, Atlas Network proposed a grant opportunity using reputable international rankings or indices like the Ease of Doing Business Index, and then objectively assessing the results of think tanks’ work as they try to change specific indicators in those indices, directly related to policy reform.

As one of the original 16 grantees, The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) in the United Kingdom has accomplished many successes in defending the rights of taxpayers and urging for critical tax policy reform in U.K. that would save tens of millions of tax dollars for the people. For instance, the group has brought to light a flawed healthcare system which allowed for 2.2 million “ghost patients” to squander an enormous amount of public funds.

In this upcoming webinar, join Alex Wild, research director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, to learn about the TPA’s success stories and to discuss how you could do better with your think tank projects.

Alex Wild began his career with the TaxPayers’ Alliance as an intern in the fall of 2012 and eventually achieved a spot as a full-time staff member in January 2013. Wild has produced a variety of written reports on everything from local government to large-scale tax reform. Wild’s written reports have been used by several government committees as evidence. He also serves as the face of his organization for the national media. In addition to his work with the TPA, Wild previously worked for a business research firm in India providing key economic analysis for industry leading companies. Wild graduated from the University of Leeds in 2010 with a degree in international relations.