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This webinar originally aired on November 19th, 2019

In 2020 we're back with the Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop and grant program - but with some exciting new changes! Whether you've gone through the program before or you're just looking to kick-start your organization's storytelling strategy, you won't want to miss next year's Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop in Los Angeles, California.

Tune in on Tuesday, November 19 at 10 AM EST for a special webinar with Vale Sloane and Alex Cordell from Atlas Network. They'll be discussing the new changes to the workshop and the grant program, as well as answering any questions you have about applying before the December 15, 2019 grant program application deadline.

You can read more about Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop in Los Angeles here. You can read more about the Lights, Camera, Liberty grant program here

About the Presenters

Vale Sloane started at Atlas Network in 2016 as the Institute Relations and Programs Manager. He participated in the Charles Koch Institute's Koch Associate Program in 2016-2017. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Vale attended the University of Sydney where he received his bachelor's of international and global studies (2013) and bachelors of laws (2015). He worked in Australian politics throughout college and after graduation, including on local and national election campaigns between 2009-2015. Vale has also worked in the private sector as Business Development Manager at an eLearning company prior to joining Atlas Network. He lives in Arlington, Va., and enjoys reading, traveling, and watching Netflix.

Alex Cordell is the training manger at Atlas Network. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, economics, and law (PPEL) and international relations from the University of Arizona. After graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C., to work for the Institute for Free Speech as a research fellow, prior to joining Atlas Network in February 2018 as a training associate. Alex grew up in Colorado before moving to Arizona, and she currently resides in Alexandria, Va. In her free time, you can find her exploring Virginia and Maryland’s hiking trails, fostering rescue dogs, or cheering on the Denver Broncos.