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This webinar originally aired on April 20th, 2017

Good branding can take a successful business to an iconic level — think about the biggest brands you know, like Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike. Branding strategies are becoming increasingly important for today’s nonprofit organizations, as the market for ideas gets hotter and more competitive. 

A long-standing Atlas Network partner known as “the nation’s original advocate of school choice” has just successfully carried out a rebranding project in 2016 and given itself a new name: EdChoice. Previously known as the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, the organization was founded upon the ideals and theories of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman and economist Rose D. Friedman and was called “the nation’s leading advocate of vouchers” by the Wall Street Journal. 

What was the story behind the rebranding? What are some of the essential elements for a rebranding success? How do you rebrand your organization for success? On April 20, join Jennifer Wagner, vice president of communication at EdChoice and a veteran journalist, to learn about useful tools and strategies for branding and discuss how you can take your organization’s branding to the next level.

Jennifer Wagner is a former Indianapolis Star reporter who has previously served as the communications director for the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and deputy director of public affairs for National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and the largest nonproliferation program in the world.

Before joining EdChoice, Wagner spent four years running her own public relations consulting firm in downtown Indianapolis, serving a number of public, private, and nonprofit clients. She also served for several years as spokesperson for the Indiana Democratic Party and has worked on a number of issue-based and political campaigns.

Wagner is a graduate of Park Tudor School and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, and a J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. She is admitted to practice law in Indiana. She lives in downtown Indianapolis and has two children, Alexandra and Austin.