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This webinar originally aired on July 26th, 2018

Most nonprofits have at least one signature event each year that they use to connect the work they are doing with their network of supporters. Events have the potential to significantly expand an organization’s traditional fundraising pipelines, and a carefully planned strategic approach can convert one-time event donors into annual or major gifts donors. So what are the best strategies for this?

Tune in on Thursday, July 26 at 10 AM (EST) for the final session in our series on the Secrets to Creating Great Events as Stephanie Lips discusses some insights and strategies she's cultivated over the years for leveraging events to engage donors with the work your organization is doing.

About the presenter:
Stephanie joined Atlas Network in 2007 and currently serves as Atlas Network’s Director of Outreach. Additionally, Stephanie oversees Atlas Network’s flagship events, which include Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner and the Think Tank MBA. She previously served as Atlas Network’s Director of Communications and Events. Before joining Atlas Network, Stephanie served as a meeting and event planner for a variety of for profit and nonprofit organizations. Currently, she serves on several community boards. Mother of three and originally from New York, she earned her BA degree from Marymount University in Virginia.