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This webinar originally aired on January 26th, 2017

For think tanks looking to provide current, targeted, and persuasive information to their countries’ people and governments, indices like the Index of Economic Freedom and the Doing Business Report are helpful tools in doing just that. One index that has become more useful in this regard over the last several years is the International Property Rights Index, a global index that ranks countries based on their respect for property rights. During this webinar, we’ll discuss ways your organization can utilize the International Property Rights Index, from developing research papers, to hosting press conferences, to explaining the topic of Intellectual Property rights.  
Joining us for this webinar will be Lorenzo Montanari, executive director of the Property Rights Alliance, who will share further details about the index and how it’s being used worldwide. We’ll also hear from several think tank leaders such as Philip Stevens, director of the Geneva Network from Europe; Sean Speer Munk, a senior fellow for fiscal policy at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Canada; and Wan Saiful Wan Jan, chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs in Malaysia, as we talk about practical methods for using this valuable tool.
In coordination with this webinar, Atlas Network has launched a new grant opportunity, providing grants for papers discussing intellectual property rights within your country.

Lorenzo Montanari is director of international programs & affairs at Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and executive director of Property Rights Alliance (PRA), an advocacy group affiliated with ATR for the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally. At ATR, Mr. Montanari developed the Taxpayers Leaders Forum (TLF); the Coalition Leaders Forum (CLF); the International Coalition Meeting (ICM) in partnership with Atlas Network, and organized training workshops in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

User-added imagePhilip Stevens founded Geneva Network in 2015.He has worked for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, where he worked in its Global Challenges Division on a range of IP and health issues. At WIPO, he also coordinated cooperation with the World Health Organization and World Trade Organization in these policy areas. Prior to his time with WIPO, Philip worked for several London-based policy think tanks, and has worked as a political risk consultant. He is also a fellow of the South East Asia Network for Development (SEANET). Philip holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Durham University in UK.
User-added imageSean Speer is a Munk Senior Fellow for fiscal policy at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. He is also an associate fellow at the R Street Institute and a fellow at the University of Toronto's School of Public Policy and Governance. He has written extensively about federal policy issues, including taxes and government spending, retirement income security, social mobility, and economic competitiveness. His articles have appeared in every major national and regional newspaper in Canada (including the Globe and Mail and National Post) as well as prominent US-based publications (including the Wall Street Journal and National Review Online). ‎ Sean holds a Master of Arts degree in History from Carleton University and has studied economic history as a PhD candidate at Queen’s University.

User-added imageWan Saiful Wan Jan is the chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs. He is also director of the Southeast Asia Network for Development and Chairman of the Istanbul Network for Liberty. He has served on several organizations, including the think tank Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit, the British Conservative Party’s Research Department, and Social Enterprise London. He is now a columnist for The Star, a national newspaper in Malaysia. His opinion has been quoted by various media, including the BBC, Reuters, Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Al-Jazeera and The Economist. Additionally, he is also a member of the Advisory Board at Laureate International Malaysia.

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