ALA students can earn a maximum of five credits through webinars, though students are welcome to view as many as they choose.

This webinar originally aired on March 7th, 2019

As the world watches Venezuela, everyone has the same questions on their mind: What happened? What can be done? What lessons can be learned from the situation? To answer these questions and give personal insight on how Venezuelans have been affected, the Atlas Leadership Academy is hosting a webinar presentation with Luis H. Ball: a native Venezuelan and Atlas Network board member.

Join Atlas Network and Luis H. Ball on March 7th at 10 AM EST to learn more about the situation in Venezuela and what we can learn from it.

About the presenter:

Luis Henrique Ball was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He attended High School in the United States and is an alumnus of Carnegie-Mellon University of Pittsburgh, Penn., with a bachelor’s degree in managerial economics. He also holds an advanced degree from I.E.S.A. in Caracas. Currently, Ball is chairman and CEO of GrupoCiencia and Allegheny Medical Systems LLC, both companies based in Boca Raton, Fla., that are engaged in the distribution of high-tech medical devices in a dozen Latin American countries. He is also the founder, publisher, and owner of the PanAm Post, an online bilingual publication dedicated to news and opinion about the Americas. PanAm Post has been certified by Google and Alexa as one of the top websites of its kind worldwide. In addition to all this, he is on the board at Atlas Network.