Regional Think Tank Shark Tank Competitions

Atlas Network's popular competition is going global! In 2017, we will take the Think Tank Shark Tank competition on the road, hosting competitions in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

Open only to Atlas Leadership Academy graduates, three contestants will be chosen to pitch their innovative project before a panel of local philanthropists and the regional network of free-market think tanks for the chance to win $5,000.

Europe: Apply here now.

Latin America: The deadline and competition have passed. Read about the Think Tank Shark Tank – Latin America competition winner here.
* The applications for the Latin America Region should be submitted in English. However, the pitches will be conducted in Spanish.

Africa: The deadline and competition have passed. Read about the Think Tank Shark Tank — Africa competition winner here.

Asia: The deadline and competition have passed. Read about the Think Tank Shark Tank — Asia competition winner here.


The guidelines:

  • Each regional Think Tank Shark Tank Competition will be limited to only Atlas Network partners in that region. To check whether your think tank is an Atlas Network partner, please click here.
  • Only Atlas Leadership Academy graduates (individuals with 12 credits or more) are eligible for this competition.
  • To compete you must be willing to travel to the Regional Liberty Forum in your region. To know the dates for the Regional Liberty Forum in your region, please click here.
  • Additionally, participants must agree to work one-on-one with a speech coach in advance of the competition.
  • Three Atlas Leadership Academy graduates per region will be selected to compete in this competition. Each person will give a 5-minute project pitch followed by a Q&A session with the judges.
  • Projects should be dynamic, impactful, relevant and exciting
  • The winner will receive a $5000 project grant to implement his or her project.
  • Travel, Regional Liberty Forum registration, project advice, and speech coaching will be provided for all contestants.

In 2014, Baladevan Rangaraju of New Delhi-based India Institute won for the “i-torney: a people’s pocket lawyer mobile app” project proposal. In 2015, Admir Čavalić of Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Multi won for the “Balkan Liberty Fest” project proposal. In 2016, Anthea Haryoko of the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies won for the proposal to fund a massive open online course (MOOC) devoted to teaching how free trade makes food affordable for the poor.

Take your turn in the shark tank today!