Ep. 10: Axel Kaiser | President-elect Boric and the future of Chile

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What's next for Chile after the recent presidential runoff election? What will the president-elect's top priorities be? The election of far-left candidate Gabriel Boric does not bode well for the economic well-being of Chile's people, says Axel Kaiser, a Chilean writer, lawyer, political scientist, and member of the Mont Pelerin Society. He joins Borderless host Vale Sloane this week to talk about why he has written that Boric's policies will likely reverse the impressive gains in prosperity the country has made in recent years. Dramatic proposals like inflating the minimum wage, dismantling the successful pension system, and other leftists policies helped win voters but will likely result in a devastating increase in poverty. These ideas run directly counter to the liberal, free-market policies that set Chile on a years-long upward trajectory.

President-elect Boric's influence runs beyond his potential effects on Chile's material well-being, as he has the opportunity to influence the country's constitutional convention. How will Chile weather this storm? Join us on this week's episode of Borderless to get an informed perspective.