Ep. 11: Neil Chilson | An Alternative to Top-Down

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"Emergent order" sounds like a complicated concept, but it's essential to understanding why freedom leads to more prosperity than authoritarianism. Luckily, this week's episode of Borderless breaks down and explains this key idea. Stand Together's Neil Chilson joined Vale Sloane in-studio to talk about emergent order, what it is, why it matters, and why Neil wrote a book about it.

Getting Out of Control celebrates the power of individuals to improve society, and encourages an approach that rejects the centralization of power. Relying on emergent, or spontaneous, order produces peaceful organization in society, he argues, and it avoids the rigidity and lack of knowledge that plagues top-down solutions from government. The more complex the world gets, the more we must embrace emergent order.

Read more about Neil Chilson and his book Getting Out of Control.

Atlas Network's partner Lithuanian Free Market Institute is using emergent order to help solve healthcare problems in their country! Don't miss our discussion on how they are improving access and lowering healthcare costs for everyday Lithuanians.