Ep. 15: Satya Marar │ A Global Perspective on Individual Liberty

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On this week's episode of Borderless, Vale Sloane is joined by Satya Marar, a policy expert who specializes in tech policy, consumer choice, foreign affairs, school choice, tax policy, energy issues, civil liberties, and more. He’s a freelance writer and a foreign-trained lawyer who has worked in both Australia and the United States. His international perspective lends insight on the political issues facing the United States and the world, including COVID-19, lockdowns, and more.

Of specific concern to Marar is extensive government overreach. He's watched as governments used the COVID-19 pandemic as cover to massively expand their powers to squash protests and silence disagreement. In Australia, governments went so far as to halt travel between states, resulting in dire consequences for separated families, those seeking medical care, and more. It's even caused some Australians to leave the country when they're able.

Satya Marar also touched on Section 230, which he sees as a vital protection for online speech. Some critics have claimed that this legal code has enabled tech companies to silence some voices, particularly conservative voices, but Marar believes the situation would be much worse if Section 230 were repealed.