The Sound Money Project of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation is proud to announce the release of its newest publication, Roads to Sound Money. The project is a compilation of essays featuring some of the most visionary, yet practical thinkers on monetary policy from Atlas’s network. The essays range from reforming the fed, reinstating a gold standard as well as alternative monetary systems. The book was first presented to attendees of Atlas’ Liberty Forum in New York on October 3-4. Authors Jerry Jordan and Sean Fieler participated on a panel on the book during the event and presented their views on the matter. We now invite you to learn more about the book and discover the reforms that these authors suggest would put us on the path of sound money. If you would like to purchase the book or receive more information about the opportunity to hold a conference about the book in your think tank, university based center or student group, please contact Gonzalo Schwarz by email ( or phone (202-448 8446). Free copies will be sent to the first 50 people who send an email requesting a copy of the book.