The Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) is a thriving global community of people united by the common vision of making the world a more peaceful, prosperous, and free place. OFF brings together leaders in advocacy, business, technology, policy, philanthropy, media, academia, and arts to share their stories and brainstorm ways to expand freedom and unleash human potential across the globe. OFF has evolved from an annual flagship event in Oslo to include satellite events around the world including New York, Johannesburg, Taiwan, and now, Mexico.


Maziar Bahari, Iranian Canadian journalist, filmmaker, and former prisoner of conscience 

Edipcia Dubón, Nicaraguan democracy activist 

Rafael Marques de Morais, Angolan journalist and civil rights activist 

Xavier "Bonil" Bonilla, Ecuadorean political cartoonist 

Rosa María Payá, Cuban activist and political dissident 

Asma Khalifa, Libyan human rights activist 

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