Atlas Network's 2020 Europe Liberty Forum Online, co-hosted by the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation, will take place online Tuesday - Wednesday, May 12-13, 2020 beginning at 2:30 p.m. Ukraine Standard Time (UTC +3; 7 hours ahead of EST). 

Attendance is limited and partner organizations from Europe are given preference to attend. We ask attendees from other regions to be appreciative that the conversation is focused on current affairs in Europe and is to the benefit of our European partners.

From your computer, you'll hear from great speakers, participate in breakout sessions, and make new friends in a collaborative online setting. We know that you're facing huge new challenges in light of this current public health crisis, and we have so much to learn from one another about how we can advance free-market reforms while fighting against new government growth. Atlas Network will announce the winner of its Regional Liberty Award, which celebrates the most successful projects by Atlas Network partners.

Major sponsorship for Atlas Network's Regional Liberty Forums generously provided by the John Templeton Foundation, Smith Family Foundation, Freda Utley Foundation, Templeton Religion Trust, Rainbow@Atlas, Thomas W. Smith Foundation, and Sarah Scaife Foundation.  

How to join:

Register for Europe Liberty Forum Online by following this link.

If you have already registered for Europe Liberty Forum Online, instructions to join will be sent to you by email from Chelsea.Schick@AtlasNetwork.org within three days of the event.

if you have questions about how to join contact Brittany.Gunkler@AtlasNetwork.org.

Registering after 2:00 p.m. (Ukraine Standard Time) on May 12 may delay your access to the event.

Event Schedule:

All times are listed in Ukraine Standard Time (UTC +3; 7 hours ahead of EST).  

Tuesday, May 12

2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Welcome and the Big Picture on COVID-19

How does the liberty movement address threats to freedom during the COVID-19 crisis and what principles should guide our thinking? Join us for an interactive discussion exploring what challenges exist in different countries and brainstorm ways to address these concerns. 

Speakers: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States) • Alexander Skouras (KEFiM, Greece) • Zoltán Kész (Free Market Foundation, Hungary) • Svetla Kostadinova (Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria) 


3:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Powerful Pivots during a Pandemic

Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity and severe impact. COVID-19 is the black swan of 2020. Atlas Network’s partners are refocusing their efforts to provide policy solutions to the COVID-19 crisis that prioritize health and safety while respecting human freedom and dignity. We’ve said it many times: our partners are the intellectual entrepreneurs solving the world’s most important problems, and that includes global pandemics. Come experience the powerful pivots our partners in Europe are making to discover “new margins for innovation” in advancing liberty. 

Moderated by Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States)

Presenters: Nataliya Melnyk (Bendukidze Free Market Center, Ukraine) • Aneta Vaine (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania) • Mate Hajba (Free Market Foundation, Hungary)


4:40 p.m. - 5:40 p.m. Opportunities for the Freedom Movement

In 5 years, what have you or your organization hoped to have achieved during this crisis? What opportunities currently exist for the freedom movement right now and in the future? Hear from Robert Guest, The Economist’s Foreign Editor, and Dr. Tom Palmer as they discuss audience responses to this question.

Faciliators: Robert Guest (The Economist, United Kingdom) • Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)


Wednesday, May 13

2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Fundraising in a Time of Crisis (Concurrent breakout session)

What’s involved in fundraising during a crisis? Join us for an interactive discussion with two development experts on strategies for navigating this issue during times of economic and political uncertainty. Come prepared with questions and ideas on how to be ready to resume normal fundraising activities and build on new strategies that may emerge.

Presenters: Chad Goote (Atlas Network, United States) • Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, United States) • Roxana Nicula (Fundalib, Spain) • Elena Leontjeva (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania)


2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Reaching an Audience Online (Concurrent breakout session)

Reaching larger audiences online requires persistent planning and making use of the most relevant techniques in writing, social media, and communication. Furthermore, how do you switch people to online learning? Is censorship of the internet something to consider while building out an audience? Hear from just a handful of Atlas Network partners who are developing new techniques with online audiences.

Presenters: Dr. Patricia Hohlbein (Atlas Network, United States) • Petar Čekerevac (Libek, Serbia) • Ratko Nikolić (Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies, Serbia) • Thomas Palermo (Contrepoints, France)


3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Future of Trade and Travel in Europe (Concurrent breakout session)

The tightening of international borders and trade restrictions will have adverse effects on millions of people inside and outside the European Union. Join us for a panel discussion on how recent events could make it more difficult to freely move goods and people across different regions. Be sure to bring your questions for the panel!

Presenters: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, United States) • Matthias Bauer (European Centre for International Political Economy, Belgium) • Ivan Mikloš (MESA10, Slovakia) • Oksana Kuziakiv (Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, Ukraine) 


3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Populism and Crisis (Concurrent breakout session)

During a crisis, threats of nationalization of industry, protectionism, closed borders, and even internet censorship are even more prevalent. Join us for a discussion of what’s behind sowing divisions that could undermine peace and prosperity on the continent.

Presenters: Nils Karlson (The Ratio Institute, Sweden) • Lars Peder Nordbakken (Civita, Norway) • Marek Tatała (Civil Development Forum, Poland) • Péter Krekó (Hungary)


5:00 p.m. -  5:20 p.m. Europe Liberty Awards and Special Closing Message by Johan Norberg (Sweden)


5:30 p.m. -  6:30 p.m. Optional Happy Hour

Join us after the program to share your thoughts or just hang out! Led by Vale Sloane (Atlas Network, United States) and Melissa Mann (Atlas Network, United States).



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Johan Norberg - Sweden

Johan Norberg is an author, lecturer and documentary filmmaker. A native of Sweden, he lectures about entrepreneurship, global trends and globalization around the world. He is a frequent commentator in Swedish and international media. The 15 books he has written and the 3 books he has edited cover a broad range of topics, including global economics, intellectual history and the science of happiness.

In 2001, Johan Norberg published the international bestseller In Defense of Global Capitalism, credited with changing the globalization debate at a time when the anti-globalization, anti-free trade protests were at their strongest. The book has been translated to 25 languages and published worldwide.

Norberg has been particularly celebrated for an ability to make complex ideas easily accessible for a broad audience. Times Literary Supplement has called him ”Frédéric Bastiat’s talented modern heir”, recalling the popular French 19th century economist.

He also regularly writes and hosts documentaries on development and economics, including Globalization is Good (2003), Overdose : The Next Financial Crisis (2010), Free or Equal (2011), and most recently Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives (2013).

Since 2012, he is the youngest ever board member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the prestigious international organization for classical liberal scholars and thinkers, which has counted 8 winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences among its members.

Johan Norberg is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C., and a Senior Fellow at the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels. He received his M. A. in the History of Ideas from the University of Stockholm.

For his trailblazing international work, Johan Norberg has received the Distinguished Sir Antony Fisher Memorial Award from Atlas Network, and the gold medal from the German Hayek Stiftung, which he received simultaneously with former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from the hands of former German President Roman Herzog. He has also received numerous Swedish prizes and awards.

Dr. Matthias Bauer - European Centre for International Political Economy, Belgium

Dr. Matthias Bauer is a Senior Economist at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels.

Petar Čekerevac - Libek, Serbia

Petar Čekerevac is the Executive Manager of Libertarian Club - Libek, an organization from Serbia promoting individual liberty and the values of a free society through education, public policy research, and publishing. Petar's professional focus is on strategy, development, fundraising, and the international partnerships of the organization. He holds a MA in Peace Studies and BA in International Affairs, both from the University in Belgrade, Serbia. He has also studied International and Scandinavian politics at the University in Oslo, Norway. Petar is a co-founder of Talas.rs, an independent classical liberal online media outlet run by Libek, which has grown into one of the most popular independent political media in the country over the past two years, used by over one million users. Petar is a graduate of the Atlas Leadership Academy and an alumnus of the Atlas Network Smith Fellowship and frequently speaks on events in Serbia and around the world.

Chad Goote - Atlas Network, United States

Chad Goote is the Vice President of Development for Atlas Network. Before joining the organization in 2019, he was Vice President of Advancement at the Foundation for Government Accountability, and under his leadership, the financial strength of the organization grew from $700,000 to $12,000,000 in under six years. 

Chad started his career in Washington, DC in public affairs, where he worked in strategy development, grassroots management, coalition building, and strategic communications for Fortune 500 corporations and trade organizations. He spent years working on behalf of children and families as an advocate for school choice and used his expertise to elect legislators who prioritized educational innovation and competition. One of those visionary legislators was Michigan Representative Justin Amash, whose successful congressional campaign Chad managed in 2010.  

Chad holds a B.S. in Political Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From their home base in Orlando, Florida, Chad, his wife Mardy, and their two adorable children travel, learn, and discover the beauty and wonder of the world. The Goote family also works together as advocates against human trafficking, and they open their home as host parents to children in need.  

Robert Guest - The Economist, United Kingdom

Robert Guest is the foreign editor of The Economist. He has reported from more than 90 countries and won numerous awards. He is the author of "The Shackled Continent", a book about how Africa can grow rich, and "Borderless Economics", a book about how migration makes the world brainier.

Máté Hajba - Free Market Foundation, Hungary

Máté Hajba is the director of the Free Market Foundation, which advocates economic freedom, civil rights and tolerance. He is also the vice president of Civic Platform which runs anti-racist campaigns and promotes democratic values. He is interested in the relationship between the state and the individual and in the concept and history of liberty. He writes for international and national press and blogs on issues such as tolerance, international relations and the digital economy. To spread the concept of individualism, liberty, tolerance and free market, he co-founded a youth organization named Eötvös Club.

Dr. Patricia Hohlbein - Atlas Network, United States

Patricia Hohlbein, MBA, Ed.D. is the Vice President of Training and Events at Atlas Network, where she leads the ongoing evolution of and enhancements to the Atlas Leadership Academy’s suite of online and face-to-face programs as well as Atlas Network’s series of Liberty Forums. Prior to joining Atlas Network, she held both business school faculty and senior administrative positions at Ohio Dominican University and Otterbein University. She has also worked in business development in the architecture and design industry as well as in healthcare marketing and communications, and has been published extensively on helping individuals, teams, and organizations develop emotional intelligence through the power of play. In addition to her research and professional work, Dr. Hohlbein currently serves on several philanthropic boards, as well as the board of directors of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Conscious Capitalism. She holds an Ed.D. from Pepperdine University in Organizational Leadership, an MBA with a concentration in Applied Leadership from Franklin University, and a B.S. from Franklin University.

Nils Karlson - The Ratio Institute, Sweden

Nils Karlson is the founding president and CEO of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an economist and political scientist and a professor in political science at Linköping University. His research is focused on the interaction between politics, markets and civil society in Western democracies and welfare states. His most recent books in English are Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Advanced Democracies (Palgrave McMillan 2018), see http://ratio.se/nilskarlson/statecraft-liberal-reform-advanced-democracies and Bureaucrats or Markets in Innovation Policy? (Ratio 2019), with C. Sandström and  K. Wennberg, see http://ratio.se/bureaucratsormarkets. Currently, he is working on a book about the future of the European Union.

Zoltán Kész - Free Market Foundation, Hungary

Zoltán Kész is a teacher, an activist, an author of several language books and one of the founders of the Free Market Foundation in Hungary.The mission of the Free Market Foundation is to represent, defend, and advance free market values, ideas, and policies in Hungary and among speakers of the Hungarian language. The foundation stands for personal liberty and responsibility, the rule of law, and tolerance, the strengthening of liberty rights, transparency, and constitutionalism.  In 2015, he won a by-election in Hungary in a crucial moment ending the supermajority of the government. He was an independent MP unitl May 2018. Now he is the honorary president of the Free Market Foundation. 

Svetla Kostadinova - Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria

Ms. Kostadinova is the executive director of the Institute for Market Economics (IME), the first and oldest independent economic policy think tank in Bulgaria. Ms. Kostadinova joined IME in 2001 and in 2007 was elected by the Board of the Institute as its executive director.

Her areas of expertise include labor market, budget policy and government efficiency. Under Ms. Kostadinova management the IME advocated successfully for several impactful reforms (flat tax, business registration, legislative process) and to position the organization as the most influential economic think tank in the country. IME produces in-depth research, conducts fact-based advocacy, has very active media presence, organises events and does regular monitoring of public policy.

Ms. Kostadinova is a member of the Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association. Ms. Kostadinova was ranked as the 29th most influential woman in Bulgaria by Capital weekly magazine (2012) and was recognized as the 19th most influential woman in Bulgaria by Forbes Bulgaria magazine (2015). Ms. Kostadinova holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of the National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Péter Krekó - Hungary

Oksana Kuziakiv - Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, Ukraine

Oksana Kuziakiv, Executive Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting in Kyiv, is an expert in the fields of public policy and project management. Her research interests are focused on business tendency studies, structural reforms, SME development, and designing survey-based assessments of the business climate in national and regional levels. She has twenty years of experience in public policy research and analysis as an expert analyst for various regional think tanks, western technical assistance programs, and the civil society projects in Ukraine.

Elena Leontjeva - Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania

Elena Leontjeva is co-founder and president of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI). Elena led LFMI from its inception until 2001 and returned to serve as the organisation’s president in early 2020. Elena Leontjeva played a key role in building the legal and institutional foundations for Lithuania’s economy, including the Currency Board and the Litas Credibility Law, the securities market, banking, tax and budget reforms, private pension insurance, downsizing state functions and deregulation known as the Sunset and Sunrise initiatives.She served as senior economic advisor to President Valdas Adamkus and state counsellor on economic reform issues under six administrations. She has originated and led an interdisciplinary project Scarcity, Morality and Public Policy and co-created a documentary Sublime Thirst. At the start of this year 2020 Elena finished writing a novel.

Nataliya Melnyk - Bendukidze Free Market Center, Ukraine

Nataliya Melnyk is the Director of the Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC), an independent Ukrainian think tank. She has been involved with BFMC since 2016. Before that Nataliya worked as a development manager for a number of educational businesses and organizations. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in European Studies from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. 

Ivan Mikloš - MESA10, Slovakia

Ivan Mikloš is former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Deputy Prime Minister for Economy, and Minister of Privatization. He has co-founded and led the economic think tank MESA10. And he has been a Member of Parliament. In 2014, he was reappointed as the President of MESA10 and became a Member of the International Advisory Board of the National Reform Council of Ukraine and the platform VoxUkraine. He has served as a Chief Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine and as an Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. From 2016-2019, he served as a Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In years 2016-2020, he chaired the Strategic Advisory Group for Support of Ukrainian Reforms (SAGSUR). He is also Co-Founder of the Ukrainian economic think tank Centre for Economic Strategy.

Ivan Mikloš was one of the leading figures of economic transformation in the Slovak Republic. He significantly contributed to the entry of the Slovak Republic into the OECD and instigated an extensive and effective tax reform. He led the government agenda on economic restructuring and fiscal consolidation. The second Dzurinda´s government (2002-2006) gained a very reformist reputation thanks to severe austerity measures and a comprehensive program of structural reforms backed by Mikloš. Thanks to these reforms, Slovakia was able to join the Eurozone in 2009. In 2004, he was awarded the title of ‘Best Minister of Finance of the Year’ by Euromoney, and ‘Top Business Reformer’ by the World Bank´s Doing Business report. He is the author of ‘Book of Reforms’ (2005), ‘Rewriting the Rule’ (2001) and dozens of studies and articles in the expert and popular press.

Roxana Nicula - Fundalib, Spain

Roxana Nicula is the Chair of Fundalib, a Spanish libertarian think tank and free market grassroots entities incubator. She is an independent online communication Consultant and Translator. She has a Law School Degree by the National Bucharest University. She graduated the Atlas Leadership Academy with an MBA in Think Tank management.

Roxana was born in Romania under the Nicolae Ceausescu communist dictatorship, one of the toughest Socialist regimes similar to North Korea. After the end of the communist regime while she was a university student, she began to actively promote free maket capitalism reforms in the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Youth Division (TNL). In 2009, she co-founded the Libertarian Party in Spain, ran several local, national and EU elections and is now General Secretary of this libertarian organization advocating openly for free market democratic reforms in her country.

She is an active debater and video communicator in online platforms in the local and international Libertarian movement. She writes articles on libertarian policies, the dangers of Socialism revival, sharing economy, new technology, and internet. She lives in the outskirts of Madrid with her daughter, her father, and her husband, with whom she is lucky to share the same passion for free market reforms. Her dream is to contribute to a world where children are free from socialism, free from suffering, and free from exploitation by any dictatorship.

Ratko Nikolić - Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies, Serbia

Ratko Nikolić is the president of Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies, a Serbian libertarian think tank aimed at promoting and protecting the unrestricted freedom of expression and empowering young journalists and social activists to excel at their profession while promoting the values of individual liberty. A sociologist of culture and politics by education, before founding CAAS in 2015, he has spent several years running pro-liberty non-profits and served as the regional director for ex-Yugoslavia at Students for Liberty. He is currently pursuing an MA in computing in social sciences at the University of Belgrade. He was the winner of the 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank competition in Copenhagen. 

Lars Peder Nordbakken - Civita, Norway

Lars Peder Nordbakken is an economist with the classical liberal think tank Civita in Oslo, Norway, and a frequent writer and commentator on a range of political and economic policy issues. Nordbakken is also actively engaged with the history of economic and political ideas and with the continuing task of interpreting and renewing liberalism in response to a changing world.

His most recent book, Liberale tenker for vår tid (Liberal Thinkers for Our Time, 2017), presents, for the first time in Norway, a series of intellectual portraits of the main thinkers behind the revival of liberalism in Europe after the Second World War, including many prominent former members of the Mont Pelerin Society. His other major work is a book on the preconditions for the productive dynamism of a liberal market economy, Muligheter for alle (Opportunities for Everyone, 2006).

Nordbakken is currently working on a new book on the principles of liberal economic policy, combining insights from Austrian, institutional and ordoliberal thinking. Nordbakken is also a board member of the foundation Liberalt forskningsinstitutt (Liberal Research Institute) and a business strategy consultant, and has for many years served on a senior executive level in the financial- and payment-services industry. He graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen in 1980. Lars Peder has been a member of the Mont Pelerin Society since 2010 and a frequent participant since 2008, and is chairing the Organizing Committee of the General Meeting in Oslo, Norway, September 1–5, 2020.

Thomas Palermo - Contrepoints, France

Thomas Palermo is the president of Liberaux.org and the publishing director of Contrepoints, the French classical liberal news website. Contrepoints draws 2 million visits monthly and has been the recipient of the Templeton Freedom Award. 

His expertise lies in taking ethical winning principles from Media, Freedom Activism, and Marketing and using them to reach and influence various audiences.

Thomas is a master in creating strong, culture-relevant narratives that engage, spark curiosity and produce maximum impact. His marketing agency aims to educate and empower clients so they can independently build trust among their audiences before engaging in profitmaking activities.  

Dr. Tom G. Palmer - Atlas Network, United States

Dr. Tom G. Palmer is the executive vice president for international programs at Atlas Network and is responsible for establishing operating programs in 14 languages and managing programs for a worldwide network of think tanks. On Nov. 10, 2016, Dr. Tom G. Palmer was named the George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty at Atlas Network. He is also a senior fellow at Cato Institute and director of Cato University. Before joining Cato, he was an H. B. Earhart Fellow at Hertford College, Oxford University, and a vice president of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. He frequently lectures in North America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, India, China and throughout Asia, as well as the Middle East on political science, public choice, civil society, and the moral, legal, and historical foundations of individual rights. He has published reviews and articles on politics and morality in scholarly journals such as the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Ethics, Critical Review, and Constitutional Political Economy, as well as in publications such as Slate, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Die Welt, Caixing, Al Hayat, the Washington Post, and The Spectator of London. He is the author of Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice (expanded edition 2014), and the editor of The Morality of Capitalism (2011), After the Welfare State (2012), Why Liberty (2013), Peace, Love & Liberty (2014), and Self-Control or State Control? You Decide (2016). Palmer received his B.A. in liberal arts from St. Johns College in Annapolis, Maryland, his M.A. in philosophy from The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., and his doctorate in politics from Oxford University.

Alexander Skouras - KEFiM, Greece

Alexander Skouras is the president of the Greek free-market think tank Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM). Prior to his role at KEFiM, he served as Director of External Relations at Atlas Network where he helped think tanks from around the world to achieve impact and grow their capacity. Alexander has also been involved in major political campaigns in Greece and the US, including a major republican primary candidacy during the 2012 cycle. Alexander graduated from the American College of Greece with a degree in business and did some postgraduate work at the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University.

Dr. Lyall Swim - Atlas Network, United States

Dr. Lyall Swim is the Chief Operating Officer at Atlas Network. In his role, Lyall leads the organization’s team and systems development as Atlas Network continues to grow in size, reach, and impact. For the past 17 years, he has engaged with more than 20,000 adult learners in dozens of organizations around the world. His focus has been to build increased leadership and operational capacity and enable organizations to successfully navigate various forms of change. He is a sought after speaker on ethics, leadership, innovation adoption, and education innovation. As the director of operations for Sutherland Institute, Lyall helped lead a redesign of the organization that enabled the Institute to better leverage the strengths of each staff member and increase the profile and influence of the Institute in Utah. Lyall holds a Doctorate of Education with an emphasis in organization leadership from Pepperdine University. He also holds a bachelor’s in communications and an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University. His research and writing on leadership, ethics, education reform, adult learning, and innovation adoption have been published in a range of peer-reviewed journals and various local and national outlets. Above all, Lyall enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three teenage children.

Marek Tatała - Civil Development Forum, Poland

Marek Tatała is the Vice President and Economist at the Civil Development Forum (FOR Foundation) in Warsaw, Poland – a think tank founded by Professor Leszek Balcerowicz. He received his BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol in England and MA in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. He completed the CPPR-ACE Winter School in Public Policy Research Methods in India and the Think Tank MBA program organized by the Atlas Network. He is the graduate of the Atlas Leadership Academy and alumni of the Advancing Democracy program organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and American Jewish Committee. His research interests include rule of law, law and economics, political economy and regulations constraining various individual freedoms.

Aneta Vainė - Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania

Aneta Vainė is Vice President at the Lithuanian Free Market Institute responsible for the institute’s programs, foundation relations and international outreach. She first joined LFMI in 1994 as project coordinator and worked consecutively as public relations director and senior policy analyst until 2004. In 2013 Aneta resumed her work at LFMI as Director of Development and Programs and has served as Vice President since 2018. Aneta has authored and managed numerous national and international research, advocacy and educational projects. She played a key role in LFMI’s winning Templeton Freedom Awards in 2014 and 2016. From 1999 until 2009 she served as Lithuania’s national rapporteur for the Freedom House’s Nations in Transit report. In 1997 she was a National Forum Foundation’s internship grantee with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, USA. Aneta holds Master Degrees in English and Economics from Vilnius University and a certificate in European studies from Surrey University, U.K.

Matt Warner - Atlas Network, United States

Matt Warner is president of Atlas Network. Under the direction of the CEO, he is responsible for strategy, programming, and personnel management. Matt also leads the development of a research agenda to further demonstrate the invaluable role of think tanks in achieving freedom around the world. Matt is the editor of Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on Global Economic Development and coined the term "the outsider's dilemma" to describe the challenge of helping low-income countries develop without inadvertently and perversely getting in the way of their most viable paths to prosperity. Matt writes, speaks, and consults internationally on the topics of economics, institution building, nonprofit management, measurement, and impact philanthropy. His work has appeared in Cato Journal, Forbes, The Hill, Harvard's Education Next, Real Clear Markets, Foundation for Economic Education, EconTalk, and Washington Times, among others. Prior to joining Atlas Network in 2010, Matt served in various policy leadership positions at nonprofit think tanks with a focus on energy, education, and property rights. Matt has a master's degree in economics from George Mason University and is certified by Georgetown University in organizational development consulting. He is also a 2019-2020 Penn Kemble Fellow with the National Endowment for Democracy, a member of American Enterprise Institute's Leadership Network and a recipient of America's Future Foundation's 2019 Buckley Award.

Matt and his wife Chrissy, an attorney, live in Vienna, Virginia with their four children.