Join the American Consumer Institute for this panel titled: "Encouraging 5G Wireless Broadband Services: Benefits & Roadblocks"

An estimated $275 billion is needed to upgrade the nation’s wireless infrastructure over the next 7 years. Add to this cost the daunting task of overcoming onerous regulations that sometimes delay or block permits and significantly raise investment costs – spread across 50 states, 3,000 counties and 20,000 incorporated places. It can be progress denied for millions of wireless broadband consumers.

How much economic growth could be lost by excessive state and local regulations? What are the costs of permit delays? How many jobs are lost from red tape? Are there workable policy solutions that can encourage investment and network deployment? These are the questions a group of panelists and speakers will consider when discussing the hurderles to next generation wireless (5G) deployment.


Jonathan S. Adelstein, Pres. & CEO, Wireless Infrastructure Assoc., Former FCC Commissioner

Doug Brake, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Wayne Crews, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Bill Hackett, Director of Federal Regulatory Compliance, T-Mobile

Anna-Maria Kovacs, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute