The Alabama Policy Institute (API) invites you to attend its 2017 Annual Mobile Dinner featuring Stephen Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow for the Heritage Foundation.

Stephen Moore is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Project for Economic Growth at The Heritage Foundation. He served as a Senior Economic Advisor to President-elect Donald J. Trump and, in addition to his position at the Heritage Foundation, serves as the Senior Economic Contributor for FreedomWorks. Moore previously served as president of the Club for Growth, chief economist of the Heritage Foundation, and as a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Moore calls his creation of the Club for Growth the defining moment of his career. The Club for Growth helps elect conservative members to Congress, including Heritage Foundation President and former Senator Jim DeMint. Moore founded the Free Enterprise Fund before joining the Wall Street Journal as senior economics writer for the editorial board, covering Washington D.C. policy debates and state issues.

Moore has a unique ability to speak to the issues of the 2016 election due to his experience advising President-elect Trump and his team on economics issues throughout the campaign. API is confident that he will provide insight that is informative, engaging, and inspiring in looking back on one of the most unique election cycles in history.